Signage Player Hardware

When it comes to digital signage, Korbyt Anywhere is the ultimate team player — our platform works with any player hardware that fits your needs and budget. We guarantee the support you need for maximum performance.

Wide Player Support

Korbyt Anywhere is an equal opportunity digital signage platform, with flexible support for players based on Windows, Android, or Linux — and the standard and advanced features you’re looking for on screen.

System on a Chip Support

When you need your display and player in one unit, Korbyt Anywhere supports System on a Chip solutions — from Samsung and LG to Sony and NEC.

Provisioning Players

Whether it’s 1 player or 1,000, installing Korbyt Anywhere is easy, with a manual install option or automated bulk provisioning for large enterprises.

Player Management

A central player management system auto-notifies whether screens are on or dark; keeps local content playing in the event of network problems; and offers remote reboot, upgrades, network settings and storage clearance.

Korbyt Players

For a truly all-in-one package, Korbyt’s own players include the low-cost, big performance Virgo; and the enterprise-level Aries and Leo (featuring a unique 4 outputs).

Channel Partners

As the premiere software solution for digital signage, Korbyt Anywhere fosters a wide network of technology manufacturers and resellers: committed channel partners who provide expert hardware supply and support.

Global Chip Shortage

Are you trying to get your hands on new hardware to support your digital signage strategy, but are challenged due to the global chip shortage? Fear not, Korbyt to the rescue! Because Korbyt Anywhere supports such a wide ecosystem of digital signage hardware, we have depth in hardware partners and supply chain resources to help you find, purchase and secure the hardware you need to power your digital signage solutions.

Reach out and let us help you solve your hardware challenges.