Connecting People with Meeting Room Signage

Bridge the gap between people working remotely and those in the office with a meeting room signage solution that connects people and information across the hybrid workplace.

Products and Solutions That Maximize Digital Meeting Room Signage

Digital Signage

Use every available screen as a digital signage opportunity to maximize reach and engage with people. When room scheduler and meeting room signage are not in use, utilize them to display targeted content that informs and activates employees.

Launchpad Templates

Choose from pre-existing Launchpad templates to display vital information on room scheduler and meeting room signage screens. Templates can be used to welcome people to space, announce or promote information, or spotlight employees and teams.

Workspace Reservations

As your employees return to the office, extend reservation functionality to all your room scheduler and meeting room displays to help them find and reserve collaborative workspaces. View meeting room details and book available meeting spaces.

room reservation on mobile app

Touchless Mobile Experience

Support a touchless experience by using QR codes on your meeting room and scheduler digital displays to enable room reservations, wayfinding, and more from your mobile device.

Key Features and Benefits of Korbyt Anywhere for Meeting Room Signage

Simplified content management features to easily choose from pre-existing content templates and publish to room scheduler and meeting room signage.

Enable employees to find and reserve available workspaces with room scheduler and meeting room signage, or scan QR codes to use mobile devices.

Add OnTarget weather feed subscriptions to room scheduler and meeting room displays.

workspace alert

Send emergency alerts to all meeting room screens to inform employees about dangerous weather conditions or safety measures.

Integrations that Power Meeting and Conference Room Management

Korbyt Anywhere has an extensive list of integrations, making it easy to connect all the systems and equipment in a meeting room or workspace to the reservation to ensure maximum productivity.

Learn More About Conference Room Digital Signage and the Hybrid Workplace

As you explore transforming your digital workplace experience, look to Korbyt to provide you with all the thought leadership resources you need from articles, webinars, case studies, and more.

Use Korbyt Anywhere to Enhance Your Meeting Room Signage

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