:zap: Meet us at InfoComm, June 12-14. Booth C6615. :zap:
:zap: Meet us at InfoComm, June 12-14. Booth C6615. :zap:
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Emergency Alerts

When danger threatens you need a centralized system for mission critical instructions. Korbyt Anywhere’s Emergency Alerts quickly activate based on pre-set conditions and real-time data to focus attention on safety messaging across every screen and device.

Target Players and Audiences

Emergency notifications can be delivered to every screen in an organization — or targeted to specific screens and devices based on criteria and live data.

Reach & Protect Everyone

Live data feeds from emergency services maintain alerts until an all clear is signaled, with notifications sent to each digital signage screen, desktop, mobile device (push notification and SMS), and email.

Create and Use Different Templates

Company-wide meetings, weather advisories, police alerts, active shooter warnings: there’s an alert template for every contingency — or create your own.

Preview Messages

Every emergency alert can be previewed in advance to assure quality information and prominent display of safety warnings and instructions.