:zap: Meet us at InfoComm, June 12-14. Booth C6615. :zap:
:zap: Meet us at InfoComm, June 12-14. Booth C6615. :zap:

WORKPLACE EX - APRIL 27-28, 2021

Korbyt Workplace Experience Conference 2021

On-Demand Session Videos Now Available

WorkplaceEX 2021 was a successful two, half-days thanks to all our speakers and facilitators, nearly 1,000 registrants, and those who helped produce the event. We all came together and created some incredibly valuable insights. We’ve collected these workplace experience insights and created a treasure trove of information now available to watch on-demand.

Shared Insights

WorkplaceEX had over 20 speakers and 1,000 registrants. Collectively they shared some key insights and takeaways. Here are a few we’d like to call out.

An emergency work from home event forced us to have to look at how we operate in different ways and really amplified completely changing what the workforce is, where it is, how it’s going to operate, and what expectations are.

Scott Klososky
Future Point of View

This wasn’t just a year of the pandemic or reflection. It was also the year of the great reset. The reset is potentially a great opportunity for us to come back to work with fresh ideas and also the courage to be able to make a difference.

Julian Phillips

On the topic of diversity, equity and inclusion, a stance is not an action. A stance is not a commitment. A stance alone is not accountability.

Christina Brady
Sales Assembly

We spent the last few years listening hard to our customers and we learned that most communication is really only one way, and frankly that is a challenge to making an employee journey meaningful when we are just communicating from top down.

George Clopp
Korbyt CTO

A brand today in 2021 is not something that is tightly held and controlled by an individual or a marketing team. A brand is something that others feel ownership of and is a platform which others can build on top of. If you allow your employees to build a space where they can come together, congregate, educate about a lived experience or identity it weds them to each other, to your organization, and provides a source of information that can further your business.

Edward Ford
Metadata Solutions

Today we are missing that in-person connection, so our intranets, mobile and social apps, and emails are becoming the pulse of the organization, and as communicators we are becoming the heartbeat as we get messages out there which gives life to our organization, culture, values and what’s going on.

Julie Gonzalez

When it comes to how we will handle the hybrid workplace opportunity we are going to take the same approach we do with everything we do which is data-drive and test and learn. We don’t have the answer yet, but we do have a strategy on how to approach it.

Natalie Kerrigan

My communications team and I learned burnout is real, so we have to be mindful of the type and volume of messaging we are pushing at people.

Krista Gendron
Pittney Bowes

We shouldn’t wait for an incident to happen for us to start to talk about mental health in the workplace so thinking about ways where we are constantly protecting and trying to drive employee psychological well-being on an everyday basis is where we need to be.

Agatha Agbanobi
Optimal Leadership

Stop random acts of communication. Be strategic and intentional about your approach. Find the data you have and start using it to segment employees and teams and engage them to understand their preferences and opinions and what they expect from your communications approach.

Devin Cygnar
Northwest Bank

WorkplaceEX 2021 Session Spotlight

WorkplaceEX 2021 was loaded with 2 days of insightful thought leadership, knowledge sharing, and interactive collaboration. Check out some highlights or view every session on-demand.

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2021 Summit Agenda Recap

The WorkplaceEX 2021 agenda was packed with compelling speakers and interactive sessions.
You can watch it all again, or for the first time!

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