25 Uses for Digital Signage in the Workplace

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Location, location, location was long the mantra for deciding what real estate to purchase, however, it has applications in digital signage ‘real estate’ as well. Signage is everywhere and serves to inform and educate on a whole host of things… but generally they all make life easier by solving problems based on information provided.

It’s only natural that signage proliferates our business life and informs our decision-making processes to better align and serve corporate objectives, shaping process and performance. How many ways can a digital workplace signage platform impact your business and its audiences to provide better results in productivity and profitability? Well, the list is growing with every company’s implementation of digital workplace experience tools like signage, serving audiences in both business and consumer arenas.

While our list won’t be all inclusive, Let’s take a look at the numerous types information that makes the world go around and you can get some ideas on how to transform your business with an effective employee communications solution.

  1. Advertising– Since this is an article on business benefit, advertising products and services is top of the list. Whether promoting your products or using your signage to let other businesses advertise to your customers, that generates revenues.
  2. Audience measurement– I bet you didn’t see that one coming but it’s true. Today’s signage solutions can extend signage capabilities creating an experience of interactivity and tracking metrics that can be used to shape product offerings and better understand buyer behaviors.
  3. Branding– You’ve probably heard that it takes 7-9 impressions of a brand to make a lasting connection in the minds of your audience. Use signage to reinforce your messaging internally and externally.
  4. Client Check in – Allow clients to check in, register parking and alert staff through interactive signage integrated with your office applications.
  5. Client stories – Highlight those customer success stories and instill confidence among employees and customers alike.
  6. Company history – Showcase your heritage and instill a sense of trust in prospects and train or reinforce that employee messaging to align your workforce.
  7. Corporate Initiatives – Whether highlighting a charity or showing last quarter’s revenue, signage can motivate and inform on the latest programs.
  8. Crisis messaging – quickly issue alerts with signage screen takeovers to multiple endpoints and media to reach total awareness in emergency situations.
  9. Count down timers – Project driven timers, count down to the company Christmas party or days left to register for the football pool, there’s a deadline for everything.
  10. Create Leads – Today signage can capture information where potential clients enter their information in retail or trade show settings and it can now even be delivered to mobile endpoints such as wifi enabled phones, tablets and displays.
  11. Deliver the News– Entertain your visitors with infotainment while they are in waiting rooms and lobbies.
  12. Employee Recognition – While not everyone wants a song on our birthday, we all like to be recognized so show your employees you care on those important days.
  13. Employee Training – Have FAQ or knowledge base easily available to make product and procedural information available when your team needs it.
  14. Event messaging – Don’t forget to invite all your prospects to your next live engagement include sign up and location information.
  15. Gamification – One way to keep employees engaged and productive is to create a little friendly competition and keep track of the fun.
  16. Health and Wellness tips – It’s true health and wellness play a big role in our productivity, reminding people to take time and care for themselves will have lasting benefits for all.
  17. Hoteling – Hoteling or office hoteling is a method of office asset and space management, where employees schedule their workspaces while they’re in the office to create efficiencies in cost and waste.
  18. HR Communications– Healthcare enrollment, on-boarding, event notifications displayed prominently act as reminders and streamline HR operations.
  19. Job boards – When you have open positions, why not post them where your staff can understand the position and promote to qualified candidates they know.
  20. Live customer support – Interested in going touchless? Consider Interactive Kiosks with video display for live agent contactless support.
  21. Menu Boards – Speed line queues with information about your offerings displayed on large screens for easy viewing.
  22. Office Tours/Wayfinding – Help visitors find a location or take the tour of all the areas of interest in an office, building or across your enterprise.
  23. Remote/Field Communications Mobile communications integrated with your signage solution puts information in your field service agent’s hands to solve customer issues on the spot.
  24. Safety – Reinforce safety protocols with clear messaging in areas of concern, zonal layouts and alerts can inform your crews if a work area should be avoided until issues have been resolved.
  25. Suggestion box– Suggestion box for staff or customers is a great way to gauge progress and sentiment on initiatives and promotions. Additionally, an accessible feedback portal gives employees a mechanism to respond and promotes a sense of belonging with the organization.

We have touched upon a few ways to use digital signage in your internal communications strategy. Whether communicating with your employees or highlighting your value to consumers, don’t underestimate what a workplace communications experience can do for your business.

Contact us today and let us help you explore all the ways employee communications platforms help increase productivity and profitability.