Amazon Connect: Integrate the Workplace Experience Through Connected Visualization

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Today, maintaining business continuity through times of crisis depends on the connectivity of information and people and nowhere is this more evident than call center operations. Changes in retail availability during the past year have driven commerce to the cloud and call center service agents are now fulfilling many of the responsibilities onsite salesclerks once performed.

The customer call center has at its disposal vast amounts of consumer data that affords managers and agents valuable insights to develop and provide an exceptional customer experience. However, to make that data actionable, it’s needed in real time in an accessible, easily digestible format and now, accessible anywhere the workplace is today.

To meet the needs of the digital workplace communications , Contact Centers are moving from on-premise to cloud-based technology solutions, also referred to as Contact Center as a Service platforms (CCaaS). Contact Center as a Service is a cloud-based, software deployment solution that allows companies to utilize contact center software on an ‘as-needed’ basis. A CCaaS model allows businesses to purchase only the technology they need, which reduces the need for internal IT support and hardware costs associated with software operation.

Most call centers have experienced digital transformation to some degree such as IP telephony software for routing to maybe a content or workflow management system. While a few companies have heartily embraced the need for change, there are still many with siloed, on-premise data and underperforming communication networks that result in a poor experience for the consumer, decreasing loyalty and eventually customer retention.

Amazon Integrates Call Center Operations with Cloud Connectivity

AWS launched Amazon Connect in 2017 offering its cloud platform to administer services and applications for contact center operations. 10 years prior, Amazon’s retail business needed a contact center that would give their customers an exceptional experience. Not able to find an off the shelf (OTS) platform that met their exact needs, they built one. Today, thousands of agents, worldwide use the Amazon Connect Platform to serve millions of customers each day.

Cloud-based technology is now making call center data accessible in untold ways to refine companies’ strategies to achieve service and sales objectives. Amazon Connect brings voice and text-based user information to the cloud and combines it with AI technology and voice recognition to streamline operations and enhance the customer and workplace experience.

Beyond the accessibility aspects, CCaaS offerings minimize capital expenditure through the elimination of hardware costs, maintenance cost through automatic updates, and easy set-up and management.

Where Does a Workplace Experience Platform Fit in?

Digital signage for employee communications set the stage many years ago for creating unique workplace experiences defined by your team’s strategy in  internal communication. Through the years, the advancement of this technology has led to its use in many aspects of business operations from marketing to human resource management.

Combining these abilities with call center management platforms can extend the power of any company creating an intranet that has the power to deliver efficiencies and minimize costs.

Real Time Interfaces with your most important information give problem resolution power to your agents when they need it, minimizing wait times and increasing call resolution.

  • Product information, process manuals, escalation reminders, routing, and delivery schedules can now reside on the agent’s desktop, whether in the office or working remotely.
  • Instant Alerts can notify of changes in stock levels affecting availability and access to custom dashboards can enhance your team’s workflow and deliver visibility to managers.
  • Omni channel delivery ensures your information is received and allows flexibility of access to your Agents.

Korbyt has been recognized in Amazon’s Partner Network in the Select Tier to help companies manage the implementation process to deliver enhanced data visualization and performance management within Contact Centers using the Amazon Connect integration, developing a digital workplace communications experience that benefits the customer, the employee and ultimately the bottom line.

Amazon Integrations for Flexibility and Scalability

The power of customer data has long been known; However, the actionable usage has been limited by outdated methodologies of aggregating information from disparate sources that require lead time and fail to capitalize on approaching opportunities. If the past year has shown us anything, it’s that agility, flexibility and scalability are paramount in business today and those not pursuing digital transformation will be left behind in the business world of tomorrow. If your team is considering Amazon Connect implementation, contact us today and our team can introduce you to the how Amazon Connect technology can be tailored benefit your business and drive outcomes.

If your team is considering Amazon Connect implementation, contact us today and our team can introduce you to the how Amazon Connect technology can be tailored benefit your business and drive better outcomes.