KORBYT Sets Record-Breaking Results with its Workplace Communication Platform in FY22

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DALLAS, February 14, 2023 – The award-winning Korbyt platform continues to drive ongoing growth for Korbyt, the leading workplace experience platform. Korbyt Anywhere is an omnichannel communications platform that engages hybrid employees, students, guests, and retail customers.  

“Korbyt is experiencing an exciting time. Our business has exceeded many of our goals in the past year,” said Korbyt’s CEO, Ankur Ahlowalia. “No matter where employees are located or what their role is, our team and partners are passionate about helping companies engage, motivate, and empower team members to collaborate and be more productive. In addition, we have expanded our technology partnerships with the best hardware companies in the world. The combination of our platform and our partners’  best-in-class hardware gives us the ability to meet the needs of any organization.” 

The Korbyt platform and solutions portfolio was adopted by a range of customers, channel partners, and channel partners in FY22, including: 

  • 100+% growth in net new SaaS bookings 
  • 300% growth in net new SaaS bookings from the EMEA region 
  • 100+% growth in bookings from new customers 
  • Closed largest SaaS transaction in company history 
  • 550+% increase in net new SaaS omnichannel bookings  
  • 95+% gross customer retention rate 
  • 30+% increase in install base SaaS ARR 
  • A competitive win rate of 85+% 

During the past year and a half, every organization and its workforce have faced significant challenges, with many forced to transform the way they work and where they work. On-site, hybrid, and remote workers at global enterprises are realizing that legacy technology solutions can’t solve their challenges. Through the Korbyt cloud-based SaaS platform, businesses are migrating from traditional on-premises technology to Korbyt’s cloud-based SaaS platform and revolutionizing employee communications

“Over the past few years, we’ve migrated hundreds of customers to our new SaaS platform, which has many new innovative features and products,” says Korbyt’s CTO, George Clopp. “We began as a digital signage leader and continue to lead, but we have also expanded our omnichannel products so they can reach employees wherever they are–on their desktops, on their mobile devices, on their web browsers, and even in their emails. We now have more than 200 integrations with enterprise systems and data so that we can reach anyone, anywhere, with relevant content, information, and KPIs.” 

There are more than 200 native connections in Korbyt’s Integration engine to databases and enterprise applications that drive business today. The Korbyt Anywhere solution enables companies to organize and extract data for various teams, line crews, and managers. In addition to receiving external data sources to drive content experience, Korbyt API can be used for a variety of other purposes as well. 

Korbyt Anywhere has boosted growth by supporting various use cases via its channel partners. Ankur Ahlowalia says, “Our team has assisted global enterprises in improving employee communication by delivering personalized digital experiences and reducing email clutter, resulting in increased productivity and engagement. The faster teams familiarize themselves with all the features and strategies, the quicker they’ll benefit from our platform.” 

About Korbyt 

Korbyt Anywhere is a workplace experience platform that enables companies to reach targeted audiences and deliver relevant content, data, and information or enable easy access to the systems and resources on any screen, anywhere. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with additional offices worldwide. For more information, visit https://www.korbyt.com

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