Engage employees with relevant digital signage messages from your Crestron meeting room devices

The ultimate bundle of hardware and software has finally arrived. Crestron TSS and TSW Scheduling Touch Screen devices are now available with Korbyt Anywhere pre-installed. You can now use every available screen in a Crestron-equipped meeting room as a digital signage opportunity to maximize reach and engage with employees and visitors.

Features and Benefits of Korbyt Anywhere for Meeting Room Signage

Extend Communications to Scheduler Displays

When your Crestron TSS and TSW room scheduler displays are not in use, maximize your reach and engage employees with targeted, meeting room digital signage content and information.

Extend Communications to Meeting Room Displays

When your meeting room displays are not in use for presenting, default your devices to displaying targeted meeting room digital signage content that informs and activates employees.

digital signage design

Easy-to-Use CMS

Use the Korbyt Anywhere CMS to create and publish pre-existing templated digital signage content on Crestron-powered meeting and room scheduler displays.

Space management room scheduling interactive sign

Room Reservations

Make it easy for employees to find the right rooms with the right equipment and book, extend or cancel room reservations directly from your Crestron+Korbyt powered room scheduler displays.

Integrations That Drive Productivity

Choose from hundreds of existing integrations to create seamless experiences on Crestron devices or digital signage displays — from calendars to enterprise systems and data.

room reservation on mobile app

Touchless Mobile Experience

Support a touchless experience by using QR codes on your Crestron-powered meeting room and scheduler displays to enable room reservations, wayfinding, and more from your mobile device.

Maximize the ROI of your meeting room solution

Combining Crestron devices and the Korbyt Anywhere platform is a great way to maximize the return on investment of your meeting room technology. If you are using Crestron TSS and TSW Scheduling Touch Screens, then you have no need to invest in additional media players.

Korbyt Anywhere and Crestron now make it possible to turn your meeting room and scheduler displays into a meeting too digital signage solution. Now your meeting room displays can be used for presenting and conferencing, but also be used to extend digital signage communications.

You can simply start by offering basic digital signage at one location, and easily scale your digital signage capabilities across the facility when needed.

Supported Crestron Devices

Korbyt Anywhere and Crestron drive innovation together by partnering to implement seamless technology integrations for an unparalleled meeting room and digital signage experience.

Crestron TSW series

Crestron TSW Series

A stylish and versatile wall mount touch screen with built‑in applications for room scheduling, conferencing, and room control. The TSW Series now comes with support for Korbyt Anywhere for Collaboration Spaces.

Crestron TSS

Crestron TSS Series

A stylish wall mount touch screen that installs quickly, with simple web-based configuration and cloud-based management, requiring no control system or programming. The TSS series now comes with Korbyt Anywhere for Collaboration Spaces pre-installed.


Realize the Benefits of Crestron + Korbyt Anywhere

Learn more about how Korbyt Anywhere works with Crestron devices to reserve meeting spaces or use meeting room and scheduler displays for digital signage, with a no-obligation consultation and demo.