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It was easier in the “old days.” A year ago, the financial services call center where Mary works as a manager was traditional. Predictable. Manageable. Agents all in one place. Direct contact to initiate conversation and any necessary course correction. Digital signage to communicate goals and encourage performance standards.

That’s all changed. Today, Mary’s agents are everywhere. Few on site. Many remote, and often work-from-home. There’s no consistent way to communicate, evaluate, or motivate to this distributed, diverse workforce — at the exact time when demand for support services is surging.

Korbyt Anywhere is Mary’s solution: a workplace experience platform for a modern call center.

A consistent source of real-time data and communications to keep agents productive, managers informed and customers happy.


From Mary’s position, she can now manage all the screens connected to her call center: on-site digital signage, desktop workstations, laptops, and mobile devices. Data is published simultaneously to her screen and her agents’ screens, for dynamic integration of on-premise and cloud data sources.

Mary feels assured the right information is going to the right digital screen, anywhere her agents are located. She has quick and easy access to the data and information she needs to respond more effectively to her agents so they can respond more efficiently to the financial needs of their customers.


Any desktop or mobile screen that one of Mary’s agent connects to can feature personalized visual communication to simplify a complex situation, eliminate ambiguity and inform with certainty. If an agent’s call goes awry, Mary can use criteria of team, role, geography and level of experience to deliver targeted resources that improve productivity.

One agent resolves an issue faster, thanks to real-time product info. Another exceeds his KPIs, with the help of a customized call script. This personal, relevant content helps to make agents feel more connected and engaged with the business and the culture.

Mary finds that the platform’s comment feature is a great way to capture ideas and feedback from her customer-facing staff, which is already leading to service innovation and enhancements.

Data Visualization

Mary is able to use the workplace experience platform’s design features to easily create clear, impactful data displays, with templates pre-styled to match her company’s brand. At a glance, her agents can understand average time in queue, average call per agent, call response rate — and assess both individual and team performance.

On Mary’s data dashboard she can review progress across lines of business, note pain points, measure peaks and troughs, understand events and circumstances that are impacting productivity, and determine whether she needs less or more agents.

The data display prompts Mary to take action, pushing specific customer info to one agent’s screen to enable better service. She then sends a customized message to the screens of the entire team to encourage a multidisciplinary and coordinated effort to meet their collective goals.


Mary’s centralized, single view of her agents on duty gives her unique insights on the best ways to assist and manage. She can review their requests and concerns and provide practical and even emotional support. The customized coaching she sends in response reinforces that an agent’s individual performance matters and drives that group to be more successful.

Based on KPIs, Mary can reroute calls when there is a drop in service; pull an agent for immediate retraining; and celebrate individual and team achievements. The real-time performance stats and incentives she pushes to her agents’ screens renews enthusiasm and fires up teamwork.


Mary is happy to discover that instead of waiting for end-of week-reports, she now has real-time delivery of performance stats and trends for better forecasts and more meaningful intervention. There’s assurance in knowing her agents have access to the same, with a customizable dashboard that fits the size and shape of any device they’re connected to. With unified analytics on average time-in-queue, average calls-per-agent, and call resolution rate, Mary can measure and boost a single agent or team performance against metrics the whole team is aligned with.

No matter where her agents are, Mary can send personalized feedback and content that bolsters their individual value to the company and its mission. With a comprehensive, shared and relevant view of all the information her call center needs. Mary has renewed confidence in her team’s ability to drive performance and serve customers quickly and effectively.
That’s the power of Korbyt Anywhere.

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