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These days, Carla feels like so many of her problems come down to just two employees — or at least two types. As facilities manager for the head office of a major retail chain, Carla must oversee the return to office for the company’s corporate workers.

While every person is unique, there’s an entire cohort that Carla thinks of as the “Vanessa” crowd. Vanessa has been eager to return to the office since early in the pandemic. She’s early in her career and misses getting together with co-workers in person, as well as the chance to make a favorable impression to leadership in person and on premise. Then there are the “Annes” of the workforce. Anne is a seasoned pro and an important asset to the company. She’s also a new mother, and her future with the company will be hybrid, balancing work-from-home with particular needs when she’s in-office, including a healthy environment.

As much as quarantine was unknown territory, Carla is wrestling with how she is going to accommodate the demands of this returning workforce. How can she facilitate safe collaboration, reservations, capacity and building? The only thing that seems certain to Carla is uncertainty.

Korbyt Anywhere is Carla’s solution: a workplace experience platform for contemporary space management.

Integrated communications, security, wayfinding and reservation systems that operate seamlessly across digital screens to elevate the workplace through improved collaboration and innovation.


Carla begins by taking advantage of the platform’s digital publishing platform. Built-in templates for multiple media formats give her a head start on fashioning the communications for the company’s plans for a safe and productive return as it relates to the spaces within (and beyond) the physical workplace. Usage data and surveys establish which employees will respond better to video, audio or images, so Carla can deliver content in the format that will garner the best engagement with that person. With some of the workforce vaccinated and some not, HRIS data can be used appropriately to deliver targeted and respectful messaging that builds trust and assurance across both audiences. Vanessa wants to know the plans for collaboration and meeting spaces. Anne needs details on how the company will support her home office with the right technology. Carla is ready with the relevant content to send to all those screens and set each employee in the right direction.


Carla can manage temperature sensors, cameras and timed, gated entry from one central location, which supports both visitors and FTEs. A code-free “kiosk builder” lets Carla quickly set up these features, as well as wayfinding and room reservations. Touchless check-in kiosks put everyone’s mind at ease, whether it’s the eager-to-return Vanessa or the more health-cautious Anne.


Social distancing and overall health safety have meant rethinking the workplace, but Carla’s got a clear vision for tomorrow’s office. Her new digital scenario planning tools let her remap floor plans, translating underutilized areas into useful, safe work and collaboration spaces for the whole team. The same tool lets her draw digital regions around spaces, to establish capacity limits for those areas. Carla’s workplace experience platform ties that into the reservation system so employees know in real time what’s available and what’s off limits. An updated office layout means both Vanessa and Anne will need to learn wayfinding across unknown floors and buildings to their new workspace. For them, Carla has uploaded new maps to the kiosk screens throughout the building, making it easy to navigate from “point a” to workstations, collaboration spaces, wellness rooms — wherever any employee or visitor needs to be at “point b.”


Vanessa is excited to set up her first in-person meeting in forever. She quickly discovers that the days of “Let me check…” when it comes to room availability are long gone. Carla’s real-time booking system balances Vanessa’s individual needs against the whole organization, locating and reserving the best conference room based on size and location of the team, and the needs of the meeting. Vanessa books it from her laptop, but when she has to make changes later in the week it’s just as easy to make changes from a kiosk or the space management features in the company’s new mobile app. As team members begin to check-in, Vanessa receives notifications on her mobile device — including an alert when the room is at capacity. Because Anne is both in this meeting and working remotely that day, it’s important she’s not feeling left behind by the on-premise team. For that reason, the system adjusts to a conference room with the most up-to-date video conferencing screens and speakers, for seamless inclusivity and maximized collaboration.

Balancing multiple employee concerns against a multitude of spaces is no longer an issue for Carla. The tools she now commands give her certainty when it comes to secure check-ins, health-focused seating arrangements, extended wayfinding, streamlined reservations and a productive integration of the hybrid workforce.
This is what modern space management looks like with Korbyt Anywhere.

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