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Operational/Field Communications

It’s another day and that means another homeowner or local business looking for an installation, a router check, or a service call. Terry genuinely likes his job as he’s always been handy with technology and running down problems. Troubleshooting a customer’s connection isn’t mindless work, but it can sure seem like thankless work. “Why don’t I get the channels I paid for? Why does my phone keep cutting out? Why don’t I get the internet speeds I was promised?”

Terry is in the field and on the front line, faced with having to figure out how to deliver the quality experience that his company is promising its customers. A little acknowledgement and encouragement would go a long way on another long day. But Terry believes anything like that is probably a long time coming.

Korbyt Anywhere is what’s needed for employees like Terry: a workplace experience platform that delivers engagement, motivation and resources to empower a more productive workforce.

An integrated system of real-time content, messaging and resources to engage frontline workers and energize them to be positive in their mission and successful in their assignments.


It’s not just another day in the morning huddle as Terry gathers with his fellow field technicians. Their manager directs them to the digital display in the room, and the techs are surprised and pleased to see a custom video from the cable company’s leadership. Working with corporate communications, managers across the company have been able to use targeted data to visualize the teams, routes, and demographics specific to these techs. For Terry, it’s inspiring and a rallying cry that that says, “You’re respected, you’re valued, you have an important job to do today.” Terry gets into his truck with a reinvigorated, positive attitude about his scheduled stops that day.


The company’s IT team has something new in store for Terry when he logs in to his tablet computer.  The new workplace experience platform resolves IT’s long-held position that security had to be managed only through on-premise servers. While undoubtedly secure, users paid a price in time and productivity with multiple steps, slow VPN and numerous re-certifications through the day. With the new cloud-based system, Terry logs in once for access to multiple, integrated systems — and stays securely logged in throughout the day. Terry immediately notices the greater efficiency and appreciates the less hassle to get to more hustle.


Throughout the day, Terry’s tablet offers updates that help keep him informed as an employee, as a field tech and as part of the bigger company team. Driven by the platform’s targeted use of data related to Terry as a person and professional, he receives weather alerts about a local storm brewing and reminders to remain safe while driving and inspecting lines and outdoor equipment. Mid-day, managers publish a data that shows performance metrics for all technicians in the field, including Terry who has visited 10 homes that day and carried out 22 assignments so far for the week. Seeing these metrics instills camaraderie and positive competition in Terry and the other techs — especially with new incentivizing rewards that also display on screen. Toward the close of business, the platform leverages data from service surveys to send a selection of positive customer statements to Terry’s tablet, boosting his sense of accomplishment. Based on his positive notices, Terry’s manager sends a note to his tablet nominating Terry for training that can take him up a level in position and pay.


Keeping up with the latest technology, programming and customer questions is now easier than ever for Terry. His tablet has become a much smarter device, with a mobile app that makes all his technical resources and cable service information available via one central interface. Because Terry prefers to get his facts by video, the platform delivers content in that format wherever possible. All content has been optimized for the device, making it easier to read or view, and therefore quicker to act on. Integration with real-time data — such as outages, scheduling changes, and promotions — gives Terry the ability to respond to each customer’s need with authority and confidence.

No matter the challenge in the field, Terry is ready to meet it with streamlined connectivity to company support. The tools, the resources, the answers, the motivation to achieve results and exceed expectations — it’s right there on one screen.
That’s workforce empowerment with Korbyt Anywhere.