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Corporate Communications

As VP of Corporate Communications for a global electric utilities company, you’d expect Beth to be in charge of an extended team. There’s certainly enough information that she and her team are expected to communicate: town halls, leadership updates, crisis messaging, training, social media, employee recognition, cultural activities.


But the truth is Beth only has one direct report and just email and the intranet for their comms channels. These restrictions mean the best they can manage is broadcasting updates: a one-way message directed to all employees, with no guarantee everyone is being reached or that messages are going through. Even worse, they worry that this one-size-fits-all approach is not delivering relevant content but is instead generating noise and disinterest. Lacking measurement tools, it’s impossible for Beth to know what — if anything — is making a connection.

Korbyt Anywhere is Beth’s solution: a workplace experience platform that enables a modern digital employee experience.


A unified platform purpose built to create, publish, manage and measure workforce communications.


Beth’s internal communications have been set free of the limits of email and static links. Her workplace experience platform helps Beth deliver the widest variety of content to reach every employee through every device screen: kiosks, digital signage, desktops, and mobile apps. Staff also use the web browser interface to access the company’s modernized intranet, where Beth can now publish up-to-date content to address timely, pertinent questions.

Employees can securely access this rich abundance of content in secure fashion on the channel and device they most prefer: desktop, laptop, smartphone. The result is both increased interest — and, for Beth, the knowledge that each communication has reached its intended audience.


Using employee data like job type, department or location, Beth is able to create targeted messaging that delivers relevant communications to different employees, teams, departments and locations. For example, frontline workers receive real-time safety and weather alerts designed to prevent accidents; the cleaning staff get special props for helping to maintain the company’s hygiene and health; and work-from-home parents get updates on the company’s support for remote schooling.


Employees can subscribe to the content they’re most interested in. They can also submit content back to Beth, to share their knowledge and voice with the rest of the workforce.


Beth sets up several content feeds that draw from different sources, aggregating content that is hyper-specific to the energy industry — in essence creating the company’s own news channel, delivered to players installed on site and on each employee’s own digital device.


Even with a small team, Beth easily creates content in many formats like video, images, articles, playlists, URL posts, polls or surveys. As employees engage with her posts by viewing, liking, commenting, or sharing she uses the platform’s analytics and reports to understand what content and formats perform best.

Digital signage on walls and devices reinforce company goals, values, important notices and safety procedures. Town halls and presentation events are now live-streamed, bringing heightened authenticity to key audiences anywhere they work from. And positive quotes from the company’s customers display on screens, with customized team-specific messages designed by Beth to motivate staff with success in their shared mission.


Yesterday, Beth was one half of a team of two, stretched and stressed by limits and restrictions. Today she’s a multichannel maestro, empowered by one platform that provides permission-based, customizable publishing for company-wide targeted communication.

Content is now managed by many publishers through a coordinated, governed workflow, delivered to every available communications channels, device and screen. Beth is now more efficient with her content creation and publishing so now her time can be devoted more to the productive planning of the best ways to represent company values and culture.



Beth’s revitalized messaging continues to evolve as she then applies powerful data analytics that track which content has the most appeal to specific audiences; what content drives employees to take action; and who it is that is doing the most clicking, liking, comment and sharing.

By understanding her reach and engagement across the workforce and the individual satisfaction of employees and teams, Beth continues to improve the effectiveness of the information, news and events she is responsible for communicating. Sharing her insights with leadership also makes an effective case for continued investment in her new workplace experience platform.

Even with limited human resources, Beth’s modern employee communications platform means she can now reach everybody in ways that matter the most to each employee. Her customized, digital-delivery of data and messaging meets the unique needs of her workforce, through comprehensive company-wide, targeted communication. Coupled with analytics to gauge engagement, Beth makes easy adjustments that maximize content performance from roles to teams to individuals.
That’s the experience of Korbyt Anywhere.