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RMG is proud to offer media players from AOPEN. AOPEN is a major electronics manufacturer
and one of the world's leading providers of commercial products and applied business solutions.

The Chromebox Commercial sets itself apart from any Chromebox, being a commercial grade
device, which makes it ideal for powering digital displays and vertical applications across a wide
range of industries: from kiosks and public transport systems to high traffic retail environments. At
only 25mm high, it’s designed to be hidden from sight by fitting behind displays or integrated into
kiosks or POS systems.

Korbyt Features on AOPEN Chromebox Commercial
Forward Scheduling done
Content Caching and Offline playback done
Multi-zone Layouts done
RSS and MediaRSS done
Layout Approvals done
Live Layout Preview done
Playlists done
Zone Playlists (Boards) done
Local Playlists (Boards) done
Playlist Content Triggers done
Data Adapters done
Streaming IPTV done
User Roles done
Player Outputs 1
CMS Audit Trails done
Proof of Play Reports done
Pre-emptive Playlist Interrupts done
Portrait Support done
1080p HDTV Video Support done
Tickers done