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Our Korbyt Media Players provide the latest in digital signage hardware technology built for versatility and scalability.

Digital Signage hardware in retail

Korbyt is also compatible with a range of enterprise-class digital media players from leading digital signage hardware manufacturers, listed below.

  • Three-year warranty
  • Connect to touchscreens for engaging, interactive experiences
  • High performance for stability in demanding 24/7 environments
  • Purpose-engineered with set-top box reliability, security and ease of use
  • Real-time data display with content alerts for intuitive monitoring
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and easy browser-based administration for convenience and mobility
  • Solid state drives

KDA-1010 – Our Smallest Media Player is Big on Performance

A small wonder. The KDA-1010 is a great option for applications requiring a small form-factor digital media player with the power to run visually complex, data-driven communications, such as interactive touchscreens or co-located with large digital displays.

The compact KDA-1010 measures approximately 6.5 inches wide, 4.2 inches deep and 1.6 inches tall. The integrated power supply makes the 1010 easy to install in tight spaces, and its low profile makes it less conspicuous than a traditional media player. With its whisper-quiet 28 dB rating, all you’ll hear is the content you provide. Even with the advantage of a smaller footprint, the KDA-1010 provides the high-definition, high-impact content you need for your visual communications network.

KDA-1040 – The Ultimate in Performance and Features

Fast and fit. The KDA-1040’s lightning-fast processing and best-in-class performance is ready to power unique content to as many as four independent endpoints or one ultra-HD 4k endpoint. Its flexible architecture supports a variety of video formats including MP4, WebM and IPTV streaming. The KDA-1040 is ideal for any application requiring elaborate visuals and multiple unique experiences from a single media player.

The KDA-1040 was designed to fit a 1U rack mountable chassis in a secure data closet or co-located with a display. The 1040 can also connect wirelessly to local area networks.

KDA-1060 – Maximum Multi-Output Efficiency From a Single Media

Connected and efficient. The SDA-1060 is designed to deliver high-definition, high-impact content to up to six independent screens, producing a powerful and cost-effective visual solution. Content can be delivered in a variety of video, graphical and audio formats including WMV; MOV (h.264); VC1; MPEG 1, 2, 4; PNG; JPG; GIF; SWF, MP4, WebM and IPTV streaming.

The KDA-1060 allows full wireless connectivity and utilizes power-saving, efficient features.

KDA-1065 – Ultra-High Definition for the Best in Video Wall

High performance, ultra-high definition. If your video wall project demands the very best in performance, the KDA-1065 is the right choice. The KDA-1065 has all the features you would expect from a powerful RMG media player, with the added ability to drive up to six output video walls in spanning mode, creating a stunning 8K x 8K dynamic visual experience.

Its SLS (single large surface) feature and ability to integrate with additional videowall scalers means the KDA-1065 easily manages everything from a high-impact corporate lobby interactive videowall to a massive UHD LED marquis in Time Square.

Korbyt Media player features

KDA 1010

KDA 1040

KDA 1060

KDA 1065

Forward Scheduling done done done done
Content Caching and Offline Playback done done done done
Multi-zone Layouts done done done done
RSS and MediaRSS done done done done
Layout Approvals done done done done
Live Layout Preview done done done done
Playlists done done done done
Zone Playlists (Boards) done done done done
Local Playlists (Boards) done done done done
Remote Upgrades done done done done
Player Screenshot done done done done
Player Diagnostics done done done done
Restrict Content Downloads done done done done
Data Adapters done done done done
Player Scriptlets done done done done
Streaming IPTV done done done done
User Roles done done done done
Player Outputs 1 4 6 1
CMS Audit Trails done done done done
Proof-of-Play Reports done done done done
Pre-emptive Playlist Interrupts done done done done
Portrait Support done done done done
1080p HDTV Video Support done done done done
4k Video Support done done
Remote Volume Control done done done done
Player Sleep Schedule / Display On/Off done done done done
Tickers done done done done
Digital Signage hardware in retail