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RMG is a member of the LG Pro Commercial Display Partner Program and features LG webOS 3.0 integration with our Korbyt digital signage solutions.

Korbyt for LG webOS Signage is a complete solution, turning webOS powered LG displays into a dedicated
signage media player without the need for an external device. Create, manage and publish content to
any number of LG webOS Signage centrally from your web browser using Korbyt digital signage
software integration. Benefits of LG webOS Signage:

  • Robust, commercial displays ranging in size from 22” to 98”
  • System on Chip (SoC) technology
  • No set-top box or media player required to display content
  • Fast deployment and a less complex installation

Korbyt Features on LG webOS Signage
Forward Scheduling done
Multi-zone Layouts done
RSS and MediaRSS done
Layout Approvals done
Live Layout Preview done
Playlists done
Zone Playlists (Boards) done
Local Playlists (Boards) done
Remote upgrades done
Player Screenshot done
Data Adapters done
Streaming IPTV done
User Roles done
CMS Audit Trails done
Portrait Support done
1080p HDTV Video Support done
4k video support done
Remote Volume Control done
Tickers done