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Fred’s heard some good things about where his company’s leaders are taking the business. But he’s pretty sure they haven’t heard about him. Even though he’s been working in the warehouse of this pharmaceutical drug manufacturer for almost 7 years, with a good record and even some seniority, he doesn’t feel recognized — or even valued.

He’s invested real time into this job, especially during COVID: he and his co-workers have kept putting in the time needed on-site. Right now, though, he’s feeling disengaged from the company’s mission and success. There are limited channels to send Fred communications, and what he receives doesn’t speak to a warehouse worker’s concerns. Fred’s not seeing a lot of ways for him to learn more about the business as it pertains to his role or advance his skills and opportunities for growth.

Korbyt Anywhere helps to make Fred a more engaged and productive employee: a workplace experience platform that informs, aligns and motivates manufacturing workforces.

A single source of real-time data, communications and information that provides managers with insight and energizes frontline workers to deliver their most effective output.


From a QR code on the digital display screens, Fred is able to download the company’s new mobile employee app. Here’s an easy way to get the company news he’s been after — including a subscription to health, safety and other content categories he’s especially interested in. He’s prompted to share his thoughts on these new resources through comments in the app, which helps him feel like he’s really participating in the company’s mission.

Fred is happy to see the app works like the social apps he’s already comfortable with, with a focus on short videos, chat, and access to the enterprise systems and business apps he uses to perform his work. He also has direct access to benefits information, his PTO balance, and pay stub.


Fred comes into the warehouse the next morning and is surprised to see his name on the digital screens prominent across the warehouse floor. He’s being recognized for his 7 years of service.

He’s pleased to see the same signage screens displaying health messages that seem especially directed to the concerns he and his fellow warehouse workers have been expressing. A series of short videos on COVID protocols and policies related to the vaccine begin to assure Fred there is a commitment to their needs and safety.

Data Visualization

The warehouse signage, shared workstations and even Fred’s mobile app now display capacity, inventory accuracy and turnover, percentage of damaged goods, shipping and delivery times and other key metrics that make it easier for he and his co-workers to see their current status — and understand what they need to accomplish for the day and the week.

Fred receives visual updates on his phone about an expected increase in deliveries and shipping for the next day — helping him feel part of the bigger picture and plan ahead to streamline the work that needs to be done.


When Fred logs onto one of the warehouse’s shared workstations, he sees new safety training has been personalized and optimized to the specific needs of Fred and other warehouse employees.

Fred is relieved to see the mobile app includes its own digital mapping of the warehouse floor, the break room, and beyond. With less wasted moments finding the way to the latest training room (or steering new workers to the right location) Fred can make better and more efficient use of his time.

Throughout the week, the large digital screens and Fred’s own mobile app light up with questions on how the warehouse can improve its processes and support for its workers. Being included in this next-level planning motivates Fred to send in his own ideas.


Leaderboards on the warehouse signage and workstations, as well as the mobile app, promote the performance of individual workers like Fred and his team. Seeing their progress keeps everyone inspired — maybe even competitive — to stay aligned toward their next goal.

Fred’s manager uses a single dashboard to review the messages he and his co-workers have received and read. Polling and survey functions enable an accurate assessment of acknowledgement and retention. Unified analytics measure compliance with training materials and analyze workforce efficiency.

Better informed through multiple touchpoints and relevant communications, Fred is more confident in his company’s recognition and support for all employees — especially related to the safety concerns that had been weighing so heavily. His coworkers feel the same, and together they have experienced an increase in motivation to keep up the pace in the warehouse. Their managers can track the improvements in morale, training and output that benefit the workforce and help serve the needs of the company.
That’s the potential of Korbyt Anywhere.