:zap: Meet us at InfoComm, June 12-14. Booth C6615. :zap:
:zap: Meet us at InfoComm, June 12-14. Booth C6615. :zap:
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Omni-Channel Communications

Every new day seems like a bright tomorrow for this consumer robotics manufacturer. Except maybe for a handful of employees trying to keep up with their own future at the company. There’s Jennifer, who’s starting with the organization today and is worried whether she’s made the right choice on this new job. Bob has worked in product development for several years but is feeling increasingly disconnected from industry trends and developments that he requires to stay current. Down in the warehouse, Felix rolls his eyes at news of new training — based on how disorganized the last training was, he has low expectations. And as a veteran manager of the contact center, Krystal is worried about her agents’ performance metrics and overall motivation.

Korbyt Anywhere is the answer for Jenn, Bob, Felix and Krystal: a workplace experience platform that transforms digital signage and screens into active points of communication, engagement and enhanced productivity.

A employee communications solution for digital content creation and publishing, delivering personalized, relevant content that enhances performance across the workforce.


Jenn’s worries start to vanish as soon as she’s in the door. HR and corporate communications have targeted the large display behind reception to greet new employees by name and with a fun fact about each, making Jenn feel she’s totally in the right place. When she’s directed to make her way to orientation she’s not on her own: the facilities manager has updated the kiosks throughout the campus with wayfinding maps that get her where she needs to be. At any time, she can scan the personalized QR code that was sent to her phone, a new employee identifier displays information about where she needs to be next. At the end of Jenn’s first day, her mobile employee app and nearby digital displays refresh with schedule details on the exact corporate shuttle that will zip her across campus to the lot where she parked. She can’t wait to come back the next morning.


Corporation communications has gone live with a new internal content stream, pulling in tech updates and data from Silicon Valley to Shenzhen. It’s the company’s own hyper-specific technology news channel, and Bob can’t get enough. It’s available via the player that’s tied into desktop screen, and highlights are also featured on the large digital displays across campus. Working with corp comms, Bob’s managers have selected topics related to his team and product to customize his news flow to Bob’s employee app with even more relevant content. For his part, Bob takes advantage of this added attention to communicate more with his managers on the types of trends they should be focusing on. He’s also actively sharing this new content with co-workers within and beyond his team to encourage more innovation in their group thinking.


When it’s time for Felix’s next safety seminar, he discovers a much different story when it comes to this training. HR and his managers have published new content to kiosk screens in the training room, personalized to the needs of Felix and the warehouse workforce. By scanning the QR code sent to his phone, Felix sees the training has been further targeted to him as a single employee, optimized based on his level of experience, years with the company and his prior safety certifications. Felix uses the comments feature on the company’s new mobile app to share his impressions with his managers, telling them the customization makes him feel his contributions and participation matter to the company’s bigger picture. With this new training under his belt, Felix feels he’ll be able to do his job better and smarter. For their part, Felix’s managers are able to use the experience platform’s analytics features to measure the participation of all the warehouse employees and set new productivity goals based on the success of the training program. When he later breaks for lunch, Felix is thrilled to see that his new certification has been published and promoted on the cafeteria’s digital signs.


Thanks to a centralized and single view of her contact center agents’ screens and data, Krystal now has better insights on the ways she can assist and manage her team. Operating off KPIs, Krystal can pull an agent for immediate coaching; reroute calls when there is a change in service levels; and celebrate success on both the individual and team level. As a manager, Krystal’s ability to connect with her agents is now more meaningful and flexible. Targeted criteria give her the ability to push content to an agent’s screen based on team, role or geography. Given that Krystal’s team remains hybrid, personalized content helps team members feel more connected and engaged in the business of keeping customers satisfied. Krystal is finding that the platform’s two-way system for eliciting and capturing agents’ comments directly from their screens promotes participation and motivation. She can review their requests and concerns, providing both the practical and emotional support that reinforces that her agents are valued and individual performance matters.

No matter where Jenn, Bob, Flex and Krystal are on campus, they have access to a single, integrated platform that unites them and the company through communications and critical data. Digital signage, mobile devices, kiosks and desktops are dynamic windows to personalized, relevant content that keeps them inspired and empowered to advance their performance to the next level.
That’s the modern workplace with Korbyt Anywhere.